Optimum Absorption Technology

Orasorb™️ is our proprietary “Optimum Absorption Technology” that allows for prolonged contact with oral mucosal membrane and helps activate the body’s digestive enzymes to enhance the absorption of nutrients.

How does it work?

Chewsy chews have been formulated to offer:

- Great taste AND

- To provide a superior nutrient delivery system

Chewsy chews are designed to require extended chewing as part of a strategic delivery technology. Their great taste and the chewing process trigger your body’s salivary system, initiating and increasing the production of saliva, which contains key digestive enzymes. The extended chewing process allows for the process of breaking down and absorbing nutrients to begin and continues while in your mouth. Initiating the absorption process before the nutrients arrive in your stomach is critical - this helps make nutrients more bioavailable and more quickly and easily absorbed by your body.

Capsules or tablets have no flavor and are simply swallowed, which completely bypasses the most important stage of digestion - the production of saliva and mixing of the nutrients through the chewing process. Chewsy chews take longer to chew than gummies, allowing for significantly enhanced exposure to submucosal membranes and triggering gastric juices and enzymes to accumulate in the stomach.

Nutrients taken in the form of drink mixes don’t require any chewing and only remain in the mouth momentarily. Chewsy chews taste better and take longer to chew than other chewable vitamin types, making them a superior delivery system for nutrients compared to other supplement delivery forms.