On a mission to have our candy & eat it too

Chewsy was born from a mission to satiate cravings for candy, nutrients, and quality ingredients alike. Two years of formulation led to the creation of the juicy chews we look forward to munching on every day. Chewsy chews allow chewers to get their sweet fix while knowing they’re getting a hefty dose of daily nutrients from a treat made with clean ingredients. But what really makes us different from all the other vitamins out there?

Chewsy brings something different to the good-for-you-and-still-tastes-good supplement space. Unlike gummies, our chews require you to slowly consume each chew, allowing the vitamins and nutrients more time to sink into the oral mucosal membranes in your mouth. We call this proprietary, strategic delivery technology Orasorb™️, and it’s what makes the enjoyment of each chew extend past their delicious flavors.

Orasorb™️ is one of many things that makes Chewsy great. All our chews are gluten, soy, dairy, and gelatin free. We don’t use artificial anything: not for coloring, flavoring, or sweetening. Our ingredient list is short and sustainably sourced because we know you care about what you put in your body as much as we do. Our bigger size allows us to pack in more nutrients than your average gummy. Since each is individually wrapped, you can take your chews on the road and make your supplement routine work for you.

We want it all, just like you:

for the things we consume to taste good, to actually be good for our bodies, and for healthy habits to be easy, not forced. We promise to never make you choose between health and happiness.